The Boys of Cult TV

Pictures of the Boys of Cult Television

Pictures of the Boys of Cult Television
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This community is for the sharing of pictures of the men of cult television shows. For the purposes of this community, cult television is any genre show (science fiction, fantasy or horror fiction) or a show that has a dedicated fanbase. This community is not restricted to pictures of actors - pictures of writers, directors and the like are also welcome here.

There will be a theme posted every week, but posting is not restricted to this theme - feel free to post old pictures, new pictures, or your own pictures from events. All posts must contain at least one picture.

Please tag your entries. If you are unsure of how to spell a celebrity's name, IMDb is a handy tool. All entries will be added to the community's memories under the name of the celebrity.


-No manipulations. This includes fanart and icons as well. Picture posts only, please.
-No paparazzi pictures. Any posts containing paparazzi pictures will be deleted.
-No girls allowed. This is a community for pictures of male celebrities only. Group pictures including girls are okay, but no pictures of girls by themselves please.
-No hotlinking. There are literally dozens of image hosting sites available. You can use LiveJournal's hosting service, Photobucket or ImageShack, to name a few.
-ABSOLUTELY NO flaming. Everyone has different tastes and all of them are welcome here.

Any more queries, please direct them to green_queen, the community's moderator.